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    The UAE Contractors Association


    UAE Contractors Association is a non- profit organization formed in 15 September 1985 under a decree number (137) 1985 from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

    The principal objective of the UAECA is to strengthen the UAE construction industry and the construction contracting business so that they can sustain their positive role in the task of national development of the UAE.  This overall objective is a achieved by the following means:

    1- Assisting in constant up gradation of technology at the disposal of contractors.

    2- Serving as a common platform for contractors to fulfill their common interests and address the common challenges;

    3- Serving as platform for contractors to coordinate and interact with the federal and local authorities;

    4- Coordinate with association and organization in other countries to facilitate two - way exchange to trade, experiences and technology;

    5- Organize seminars, conferences and exhibitions designed to enhance knowledge and upgrade construction technology;

    6- Publish a technical magazine in Arabic and English to help initiate debate and disseminate information of construction technology;     

    7- Cooperating between contracting companies and establishments in order to combine their efforts and thus improve the standard of their operations

    Benefits & Services for its members

    1. Prestigious membership certificate.
    2. Free consultation on technical and legal issues to develop performance & solve problems.
    3. Conciliation & arbitration in engineering disputes between parties.
    4. Participation in the Association's meeting with higher authorities to solve contactors problems & concerns.
    5. Participation in seminars, conference, exhibitions and training programs with nominal fees.
    6. Promotion of individual companies in the Association's internet website & publication.
    7. Free subscription to the contactors News, the bilingual specialized magazine.
    8. Free subscription to the bilingual Tenders Circular.
    9. Free subscription to the bilingual Tenders Opening Results.
    10. Free unique Contactors & suppliers directory which contains the names & addresses of all Contacting companies & suppliers in the U.A.E.
    11. Participation in official delegations from the U.A.E., construction Industry.
    12. Involvement with local, region & International associations for technology transfer into the sector.
    13. Special services & purchasing offers made to the Associations' members.

    Contact us

    Dubai office: Tel: 04 2979559 - Fax: 04 2977848 - PO Box 6226
    Abu Dhabi Office: Tel: 02 4410449 - Fax: 02 4410449 - PO Box 44925
    Sharjah Office: Tel: 06 5567444 - Fax: 06 26 887 5567447 - PO Box 26887
    Ras Al Khaimah Office: Tel: 07 2264183 - Fax: 072338101 - PO Box 6226DXB

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