What You Are Missing About Virtual Reality Technology !!!

What You Are Missing About Virtual Reality Technology?Lately I happened to watch a 12 D movie in a popular mall. I began thinking about the wonderful aspects of the multi dimensional movie. What do we feel there? We simply feel a near to real world experience of that movie or story whatever we are watching. It is quite a breathtaking feel we endure. Here comes the importance of the term “Virtual Reality”. This is not at all a new term. But there are in depth studies going on in this field due to its huge impact in the digital era. Let me bring few of the aspects regarding this topic. So that you may check out What you are missing about Virtual Reality Technology.

What does Virtual Reality mean?

What You Are Missing About Virtual Reality Technology?Virtual Reality is real time interactivity. Virtual Reality takes the user to a real world scenario(of an imaginary world). With the help of a software which generates sounds, images and sensations, the user gets a real feel of an imaginary setting. It gives a sense of illusion to the user of an unreal world. A virtual reality equipment may consists of  devices such as headsets, omni-directional treadmills and special gloves or may be a controlling hand sticks. It is like  blending of images and videos from the virtual world as well as the real world with the real environment, making it interactive in real time, 3D registered. It actually disconnects the user brain from the world he is existing. Someone who uses a virtual reality equipment is able to view around and sense everything that is depicted on the glasses worn.

Virtual reality is actually using every senses one has got. Apart from the five senses we have got, virtual reality uses all kinds of senses a human body possess. It uses the technique that if you can present your senses with made-up information, your perception of reality would also change in response to it.

In short, virtual reality can be referred as a computer generated environment which a person can interact with the environment and can also manipulate objects or make movements and indulge in that particular environment even though it is not real.

Is Virtual Reality really beneficial?

Yes. Of course. Why not? There are tons of benefits with Virtual Reality system. Tons to unleash. But the major benefits of virtual reality system can be found with a number of fields in our day to day life.


No explanations needed for the role of Virtual Reality in entertainment. As i stated earlier, the movie experiences, gaming , and many more. The real experience it offers when playing a game would be beyond explainable. You may jump, swim and do all the things you imagine when on your normal game device.

What You Are Missing About Virtual Reality Technology?Architecture

Architects can really utilize the benefits of using Virtual Reality Technology for drawing plans and the stuff like that. They can also view the multidimensional image of their plan and do necessary alterations if required.


Virtual Reality can help improvement of sports and related performances.It can be used to watch games from the players perspective also. Virtual reality can can improve the training of the team to a greater extent.


The real feel imaginary experience will be a boon to artists including muralists, illustrators, painters, designers ,sculptors etc by bringing out their imagination to something into a tangible art work.


VR Technology will transform the medical field to a forward leap.This enables the  medical specialists to carry out expert surgeries. VR is also helpful in getting the images or more clear pictures of the developmental phases of foetus. The face  of diagnostics would also take a lift with VR.

What You Are Missing About Virtual Reality Technology?Military

It is one of the main fields that has adopted VR technology. This may be helpful in training camps, battlefields, flight simulation and weapons.

Other fields that have adopted virtual reality include fashion, business, telecommunications, scientific visualization, education etc.

How it works?? : Detailed

The software program for the application will be the main element which runs with the help of the computer system and the connected input output devices. All the characters and objects in the application behaves closer to the reality on the basis of the the written code for them. This code enables characters and environment to interact with the user controlled by the input devices. The processor works on the input output devices . This is what happens in VR. The working  improves with the increase in the efficiency of the processor and the input output devices. This processor executes the processes faster according to the input given by the user and output is presented to the user. The output is in such a way that the user feels that he is a part of the virtual environment.

The head mounted device actually takes care of the 3D visualization by the help of 3D visualization component. With the input devices like keyboard, joystick, mouse etc, if a user makes a movement, he/she feels like they actually made a movement in the real environment. This occurs when the environment or the objects in the environment changes as per the movement done by the user on the input devices. All these functioning are done by an efficient processor. This feature may also be called as screen based  Virtual Reality technique.

Three basic things that Virtual Reality depends on

Head Tracking

In the head tracking what actually takes place is that user wears a VR headset. The image in front of the user shifts as he looks up,looks down and side to side or angle his head. The head tracking system may also contain some components like accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope.

Motion Tracking

With motion tracking each and every user movements that supports the application is recognized. Without motion tracking the user faces paralysis in the virtual world. So yeah it is important. There are six types of motion for motion tracking. These called as as the six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF). To provide a complete motion tracking experience it is necessary  to measure movement along all of these degrees.

Eye Tracking

Eye tracking refers  to the process in which the characters or objects in virtual reality can react to your look and return it naturally or avoid it or respond to it. This is done by focusing on what the user is actually looking to. This brings the user more immersive into the virtual environment. More the immersing, more successful is the application.

Internet Of Things And Virtual Reality

Clearly Internet Of Things and Virtual Reality is related.  Virtual Reality brings imaginary world into reality. Whereas IoT brings every devices sensored. Doesn’t this fee related? yes. Because one is going to take care of other like brothers. Whether it be healthcare , business or entertainment wherever VR is going to be seated, IoT will also find its seat. When making an imaginary world coming to reality, the IoT will help it to be automated. With Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, all these technologies are joining hand in hand to take the planet to new era of technocracy.

Something to take care of

Technology is wonderful. But it has the other side of the coin too. Virtual Reality does have a side effect causing morning sickness in the user. So it comes with the strict instruction to use the virtual environment equipment with proper care and with regular intervals of breaks.

But I am damn sure Virtual Reality is the future. Everyday, studies and researches are going on in this particular field because of its benefits in transforming the modern world. The innovations in Virtual Reality is going to change man’s life.

There are much more information on this topic to be shared.But for now…let me conclude with this much. Catch you soon with another hot topic on the table.

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