Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch

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Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To WatchWelcome Everyone!

Each day you get to see a new life. Not just a new life but changing life with smart technologies. You get to see release in one or the other smart phones everyday. But not only smart phones are releasing everyday new gadgets are upcoming with latest trendy and innovative ideas. New Gadgets are only surrounded by smart phones these days. So other gadgets release and latest versions are not updated.

Why is it so? Anyone knows the answer? Its because the smart phones have come up with all applications in it. Smart phones have actually grounded other new gadgets . But there are lot more in technology that has not reached our sight. Why don’t we have a change in it? Start trying the new gadgets which have already released or yet to release.

But before that lets go through some amazing new gadgets 2017 .

New Gadgets 2017

5. popSLATE 2

popSLATE is a smart second screen for iPhone.

Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch

popSLATE 2 is the predecessor of popSLATE. It is always on, e-ink display on the backside of iPhone. popSLATE was used in iPhone 6S and 6S plus. popSLATE 2 is similar to popSLATE but with wide range of extended features.

  • Low power, always on and smart screen that displays the contents you use more.
  • Provides additional 9 hours of talk time and 4 hours of browsing.
  • It is not required to carry an e-reader device along because e-books can be read from the back.
  • Eliminate unwanted iPhone locks and save battery.
  • Ultra thin design because it adds only 0.16″ to your iPhone.
  • Charging of popSLATE 2 is done along with the iPhone.
  • popSLATE 2 uses a shatterproof screen that protects the device from falls and breaking.

This product is actually awesome and I am sure some people might find it even more awesome.

4. EcoQube Air

Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch

Aqua Design Innovations launched a new smartphone steered desktop greenhouse called the EcoQube Air. The EcoQube Air is a ultra-modern desktop greenhouse that has been specifically designed to upgrade and boost your quality of life, say its developers.

Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch

Once installed it provides healthy air, smart light remedy, flourishing greenery, and more to your local environment. It allows you to grow plants or food easily by monitoring their progress using the companion smartphone application.

The EcoQube air is the best solution for indoor gardening because it provides the suitable environment for plants to grow. Grow food or plants in any environment, in any season. Grow plants without direct sunlight. The full-spectrum LED light is coded to give your plants the exact amount of light it needs to grow.

The LED light not only provides the lighting for  plants, it also simulates the cycle of the sun. That’s actually going to benefit us. Isn’t it?

So all the plant lovers do catch up with this product. You would love it.

3. ModoBag

Modobag is the world’s first motorised, smart and connected carry-on that gets savvy travellers, tech enthusiasts and urban day-trippers to their destination up to three times faster than walking.

Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch

The smart luggage features a built-in motor, steering handles, paddles, and soft seating system that simply pop out of its main body convert into a mini motorbike.

Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch
  • Telescopic Handlebars conveniently release out of its front to rise as high where owners can guide themselves.
  • An electronic panel includes two 5V, 3.1 A USB charging ports for recharging your smartphones and other devices. A digital display shows surviving power in its powerful and long lasting battery to drag the weight of the bag along with its owners.
  • A maximum speed is up to 8 mph.
  • It weighs only 19 lbs. Modobag is approved by TSA and FAA so it will also get past airport security checks and luggage weight limits.
  • Quick store compartments including a crush-proof pocket for laptops.

2. Perfect Memory

Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch

Imagine you had an awesome day and you couldn’t record any of it in your camera. I am sure it would be hurting you. But to avoid all that here is an awesome product that records the video of last 5 minutes once you tap. Yea, guys it is Perfect memory camera.

Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch

The only “time travel” camera that lets you save video after the reality. Capture the magic moment by tapping after anything fascinating happens. So you don’t have to go back later and edit hours of footage. Ideal for travelling, beyond the scenes footage, compact enough to fit your pocket. As a result, it can be used in many adaptable ways with its custom built glossy accessories.

  • Superb Ambarella Video Quality
  • Storage upto 128 GB and removable microSD
  • Stream to your phone and share instantly
  • Wireless and light weight
  • 6 Glass lens assembly
  • 1000 mAh rechargeable battery

For more information Check out the website. For all fun lovers, this product is going to help you.

1. LiveStream Movi(Mevo)

Livestream Movi is one of the best of new gadgets 2017. It is a 4K camera that lets you live mix and edit the scene while you track or capture the video live. It is similar to accessing multiple camera in a single device. The Movi offers live conversion of the virtual cameras for live capturing or factual time editing. The actual idea behind is, once the video is captured its edited then and there. So,you don’t have to delay the uploading due to the need to edit raw footage.

Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch

The Movi camera is built by a 4K sensor. It features a F2.8 lens which gives a wide 150 degree diagonal field of view. It also has a built-in stereo microphones. However, the innovative bit is how the camera works with an iOS app. It gives an impression that they are live capturing from multiple camera angles when they are, in fact, using a single device.

Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch Top 5 Trends In New Gadgets 2017 To Watch

Once the camera is set up and placed, the iOS app can be used to edit live footage. This includes being able to shift between nine virtual HD cameras, which are actually made by segment of the 4K frame. The result is a video with smooth camera changeover.  Most of all, it is more similar to a multi-camera production than one camera person constantly changing position and angle.

Livestream is now commonly used in social media to share the live videos. It has become a massive hit because because of its upto date live videos.
For more information check the website.

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