The Truth About advertisement

In the growing world of technology and business , advertisement is the key factor that helps in marketing of a product or a service . Advertisements helps a business to attract its customer and sell their products or services in a wide scale . Advertisements make the customer to feel an urge to use the product .
The major advantages of advertising are:
  1.  Introduction of new products in the market
  2. Market expansion
  3. Middle man elimination
  4. Reduces competition
  5. Good-will enhancement
  6. Consumer education
  7. Increase in sales
  8. Offering better quality of products
  9. Supporting the salesmanship
  10. Increased standard of living
  11. Employment opportunities

Introduction of new products in the market

Advertisement helps in the introduction of the new product. Through advertisement new product reaches the customer much faster
Market expansion
It helps the business to explore new markets for the product while retaining the old market . It helps by conveying to the customers at the remote areas
Middlemen elimination
Advertising helps in the elimination of middlemen because the product reaches the consumer directly .
Reduces competition
Advertising reduces  the competitors as if te advertisement proves the product to be a unique one. Continuous advertising helps to reduce competition to a wider extent.
Good-will enhancement
Advertising introduces the  business and the product to the customer . Countinuous advertiising and providing better quality product would enhance the goodwill of the company.
Consumer education
Advertising educates the customer about new products and familiarise them with the uses of the product.
Increase in sales
The volume of sales get increases because advertisement influences a larger number of customers than any other medium could do.
Offering better quality of  products
Goods are advertised under different  brand names . Branded products assures standardised quality . Therefore even if an established brand introduces a new product that product will be trusted like any other product of the brand.

images Social media advertising

Nowadays advertising in social medias had took the place of television and newspapers because advertising in social medias are much cheaper , easier and the most efficient method to reach a higher number of people than a television ad or newspaper ad could reach. In the new world of technology social media is most widely used for advertising . But most of the business entrepreneurs doesn’t know the value of social media advertising.

Most of the people who are educated nowadays have profiles in social media. when an advertisement of a company is uploaded in asocial media many a number of people see the ad than people see in televisions or than in newspapers. Thus the company gets promoted .This is what we aim at Amjobz. Amjobz provides an opportunity to the company to be promoted through social medias. Every company has the opportunity to grow , we Amjobz provides the opportunity for the company to grow socially . Social media advertising can even make a small business in Kerala to be known all over India as well as in the World . That’s the power of social medias. There are only a few companies which provides social media advertising, we Amjobz are one among them .  Advertise in social media thus you could grow through us.
Earlier growth of the company was  determined only through profit the company earns , innovations the company brings and the number of branches the company have . But now it have changed  .  The growth of the company is also determined by the advertisements the company give. Future of a business growth is determined by the entrepreneur either to stay  normal or grow by advertising .


  • CTS

    November 8, 2016

    I agree this famous quote:
    Advertising still is about the art and science of persuasion… and, I would add now, participation.
    – Randall Rothenberg, president/CEO, IAB

    • rasna

      November 10, 2016

      yes it is


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