The Biggest Contribution Of Amjobz To Humanity

7mkq6k9lI have been thinking about writing a blog post for so many days. But because of the lack of time and tight schedules, i was delaying my idea to share my thoughts. Moreover i was confused about what to write.Let me begin now.

You may be well aware of what Amjobz is and that it has a world wide coverage. Thus it is a global company.

In a traditionally rich country like India, Amjobz aims to weave a web of franchisees. It  focuses on building a strong franchisee wing here. By the year 2020, it hopes to reach more than 3125 franchisees here in our country.

In my journey to obtain maximum number of franchisees, i come across several people each day.And i am faced with the one question from each and everyone “What is actually Amjobz?”.  You might have also faced similar situation. I have the right answer for this.

What is Amjobz?

For answering this let me categorize the people who come up with this question into three

  • Franchisee people.
  • Business people.
  • Normal or common people.

Let me give the answers .

  • Amjobz can be called A 100% profit returning and 0 capital investment business opportunity.
  • With a very less amount of service charge, Amjobz does business promotions worldwide through social media platforms for any kind of business.
  • Amjobz can be elaborated as ”Am Giving Jobs To Everybody”.
  • AM refers to our Amjobz Company.
  • Jobz refers to work.
  • Everybody refers anyone who is in need of a job.
  • Amjobz aims to make the world 100% employed.

For Franchisee Enquiry People

altafblog1I have come to know that there is no 100% profitable business existing in the world.

But Amjobz give 100% profits to the franchisees. There is no deposit charge or franchisee charge for this. You can also do this along with your own business. Amjobz provides you with support for this.

We give full support to the marketing support weekly to them. We also give 24/7 online support to the franchisee doubts. We have 5 managers from Amjobz for each franchisee.

  1. Business Development Manager [BDM]
  2. Area Manager[AM]
  3. Regional Manager[RM]
  4. Zonal Manager[ZM]
  5. Country Manager[CM]

The franchisees can first consult with the BDM in case of any complaints. If it is not clarified ,the next is AM, then you can also go to RM,the next to ZM and finally the person to approach will be the CM. Then too if  the complaint not resolved, the franchisee can contact the company directly.

In India the business development is carried out on Amjobz Franchisee Strategy.

First of all the business should have a license. Amjobz is licensed under the name Amjobzglobal E-Commerce Private Ltd. under the Court of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It has the Head Office at Vattoly Tower, Near North Railway Station, Ernakuam, Kerala.

So according to the license and order the franchisee can use the Amjobz logo and sell all of its products and services for the next 5 years. This is the opportunity we give our franchisees.

For Business People

success-puzzleWhy does most businesses fail despite all the effort and investment it places to build the business. I think 90% businesses fail. Why?

Whatever is required to develop a business is not only the matter in building a business. But also we should check the reason for the failure of the business. It is necessary to find the real reason behind the failure of the business.

Amjobz develops a website , a logo for your business. This helps to  develop their business even without a mediator which will be 100%. They don’t require to give a commission.

With an army of affiliates the logo and website information along with the images are spread across the social media platforms without any effort. This in turn brings enquiries to your business because of the promotion. Amjobz pays for the team of affiliates for promoting your business.

A Username and Password given to you by us is your key to your dashboard where you can see the number of people who have promoted their business and how many have clicked their banner. This is not similar to the TV ads or newspaper ads that you will do for your promotion.How many people will see the ads? Are you sure about that? The company cannot record the number of people who watched the ad too.

The company can do change the pictures in the promotional page of their wish. For example for a restaurant page, the owner can change the pictures and also insert the daily specials like Monday special, Tuesday special etc. And you can also see the number of enquiries too in dashboard.

They can also add to the dash board the vacancies in their business and post it to the dashboard. A job seeker can see this vacancy and directly apply for the vacancy.

Jobseekers from around the world can access the vacancies in Amjobz Jobs section and attend the interview even online. They can send the resume or CV along with a video profile. The company can also make interviews online and track the vacancies. Once registered by a jobseeker the CV is taken to the dash boards of all the companies listed in Amjobz. Then the company can also send the offer letter via the dashboard itself. Easy.

Amjobz provides you with all these services with a small amount of fees for listing. When comparing the failure , it is better to join with Amjobz to promote your business and the small amount of money is nothing. Whatever be the kind of business you have Amjobz helps you to develop your business.

For the common people

With Amjobz we aim to give full employment to every citizen of India. After this we do not wish to hear the word unemployment. With Amjobz Earning Strategy, common man decides when to earn and how much to earn. Here there wont be a boss. Because you are the boss of your work.

I feel honoured to be in the position of Country Manager to a gobal company that provides employment even to the jobless.

Four Types Of Income from Amjobz

We help people to earn money effortlessly through following ways

Pay Per Click

This is an amazing opportunity for those who wants to work from home and get income for each unique click they made. To get this income, you just need to become an affiliate through “Social Media Signup and need to promote the banners which appears in “Promotion=> Banners & Links” area in Affiliate’s dash board. Click on each banner, and your account will be updated with USD 0.01 for each unique click. That means, one clicks per day per banner will be approved. But to get more and more income, just share each banner in social media repeatedly by clicking Social media buttons under each banner. After sharing the banner, your friends / followers click on your shared banner, will be considered unique click, and you will get paid! For example, if you share a banner in social media, 100 of your friends click on the banner then you will get USD 1. The first USD 140 of your earned income will be used for onetime software setup cost automatically by the system. But the rest of all Pay Per Click income that you earned by sitting in home will be transferred to account whenever you want.

You can transfer minimum USD 50 to your account, Bank transfer charges will be applicable…!!!

Social Media Bonus

One who develop their face book friends address as to the maximum (5000 friends) will get a yearly (January – December) bonus @ 5% of the total enlisting turnover of the company divided to all achievers equally

Yearly Bonus

If Any of the Amjobz Affiliates gets 2500 unique click (1 Unit), on promotional pages of Amjobzglobal Directory enlisted companies through Social Media Sharing, those affilates are eligible for yearly bonus @ 5% of the total yearly turnover of companies promotional income accumulated on a pool, will be equally divided and distributed to them

Enlisting & Promotions

All the affiliates can enlist endless number of companies and do promotions of their Business, which contain the products and services from all over the world. Affiliate is benefited from 25% of the package cost.

All these are the key features of Amjobz.

With this I conclude my words.


Mohmd. Althaf

Country Manager

Amjobz Global

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  • Henry

    November 25, 2016

    You have well said everything about what we should be saying about Amjobz to the one who wants to know what Amjobz is. Well done Altaf. God bless Amjobz


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