Real Reasons For You to Invest in an Apple TV

Real Reasons For You to Invest in an Apple TVToday, let us have a tea table discussion on a very sophisticated and cool gadget with an awesome technology. Yes, Apple TV. This is what we are going to have a little talk about. Also let us check out all the features and find out if it is really worthy. How does it differ from the normal televisions we own in our home? With this discussion you will have several real reasons to invest in an Apple TV.

Apple TV was originally called  ITV similar to the usual Apple naming. But later it was changed to Apple TV due to the rights issue with the ITV from UK.

Apple TV : Introduction

Apple TV was brought into the spotlight in September 2006 with the name ITV. Over  the span of years, Apple TV has evolved with  great features. Now it is the 4th generation Apple TV that is hitting the market. Apple TV was designed to enjoy any media on  our big screen TV. The Apple TV device comes with a box that connects everything available locally with you to a big screen TV within our place. It allows to watch your favorite shows, movies, channels from the internet as well as all kind of media from your apple device. Wondering how? Let us find it out.

Apple TV : Features

Apple TV aims to provide  HDTV set streaming video, music, and podcasts as well as downloading apps and games from the tvOS App Store.Real Reasons For You to Invest in an Apple TV

  • Device

It basically comes with a box with an apple logo along with a remote controller. While this box is the working center and acts as the interface, the remote controller helps with easy accessibility of your big screen TV.

  • Video Streaming

The primary function of Apple TV is focused on live streaming of media from the internet.With this, we can rent or buy movies as well as TV shows from the iTunes store. Also you can stream videos from  Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo, HBO Now, Showtime, Sling TV etc.

  • tvOS

The latest Apple TV edition works with a tvOS which  lets  consumers  develop and create their own apps with their own interface that runs on it. These include multimedia, music apps, and games.

  • Music and Radio Streaming

It allows to access numerous radio stations and unlimited access to millions of music albums within your fingertips with the purchase from iTunes store through iCloud. It also allows subscribing to music streaming services.

  • Photos 

It also helps in syncing with your iCloud library of photos to the big screen and also edit and share them.

  • Gaming

It is possible to download our favorite games from the tvOS App Store. The gaming section is enriched with a facility to use it with a local traditional compatible game controller or the included remote to play.

  • Applications

We can download  apps and like in a mobile device from the tvOS App Store.

  • AirPlay

A technology that enables us to sync any Apple device with the the TV screen. It allows the local content live streaming on the Apple TV. This can be done with the help of the remote controller with easy swipes as in the latest versions of this device.

Why should you invest in an Apple TV ?

Why not we dive deep into the prospective aspects of Apple TV? Will you make a move to grab this one after knowing all its features?

Real Reasons For You to Invest in an Apple TVFor Entertainment 

The iTunes Movie section is the hero of entertainment on Apple TV. With cool and easy User Interface, it brings you the easiest navigation within the Top Films section and your library. Along with these facilities, the creators also call it as the easiest way to update your media collection. One can rent or purchase the box office hits as well as classics. And these movies will be available on the same day of their DVD release. To create a customized user experience, it is also possible to subscribe to the thousands of entertainment apps. With this you can watch your favorite shows and channels.

For Games and Apps

One can have an extra wide screen experience when playing games and having fun. The usual remote controller that we use to flip channels open up the vast chances of transforming the lives. The remote controller comes with a Touch surface acting as the virtual direction pad. It also has a built-in accelerometer and a gyroscope. With Apple TV, one can download tons of games and play it in your own living room. Also you can bring the latest updates of your favorite lifestyle apps or health or fitness apps. With the educational apps the Apple TV transforms the learning experience for any learner to a level higher. Aren’t these amazing and beyond words?

For Photos and Music

Apple TV allows you to stream all the contents that you have on the iOS device with the big screen. You can access millions of music files on iCloud library. It is an entertainment pit where you can simply surf through music tides. Apple TV also makes it easy to share all the photos along with some stills that you may have skipped without noticing. The Memories feature automatically finds still and video images you haven’t noticed or thought about for a while and creates beautiful collections you can show on Apple TV. Isn’t it great to have all these features in a smooth and easily switchable interface to add more sophistication?

AirPlay feature

AirPlay is the feature enabling you to stream the contents of the iOS device in your hand to the HDTV. With this feature it is also possible to connect an iOS device of your neighbour or guests to share their content on your TV directly. AirPlay mirroring is a feature with which one can bring the specific iOS device screen to the big screen TV in your living room.

Apple TV has seen drastic evolution from its first generation to the now available 4th generation. Still more to come. Comparing to its first generation it has become smaller, with better and better UI and more features.

Apple TV looks forward into transforming the television experience we used to have. With an Apple TV in your home your entire look and feel of your TV room might change. We are hoping more improvements in the technology of this master piece device.

Fourth Generation Apple TV

This year we saw the unpacking of 4th generation Apple TV. It is finally here this month. It has got  Siri, some third-party apps and game controllers, a new Home screen, Apple Music, and so much more on to your television.

I have given pretty much good reasons to take home an Apple TV with you. Feel free to bring out your opinions too.

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