Online Money Making With Amjobz Earning Strategy

Online Money Making With Amjobz Earning StrategyQuite a debatable title here. But let us see what unfolds here in this session on Online Money Making With Amjobz Earning Strategy for any individual existing on the planet earth. Check out for yourself if this is the normal scam thing you usually see over the internet.

Its good that we start from something simple and easily understandable to you.

Let us begin with Social Media. The basic term media refers to a place where publications occur whereas social refers to something when sharing happens for example, images, words, ideas. It may also refer to a place of gathering to communicate.

How did social media transformed the world? Do you have any idea over this?

Let me remind you one thing. Internet, available now in your mobile or tablet or pc whatever it may be was once a commodity earlier reserved to military purpose or some specific organisations (approximately 20 years ago). Those days it was called Arpanet. But now the things have changed entirely to a different level. Now internet is the toy of millions around the globe. These days internet is ruled by social media. Here people share ideas, opinions, thoughts, comments and have impact on other people’s minds. Therefore the impact and changes social media brought out are numerous.

Now let us check out what social media does for businesses. They serve as the platform to share and spread any information faster within no time. Compared to other sources where the good and bad about a business reach the people, the social media is unbelievably fast. So it is obvious for a human being with source of internet in hands and have a little education on the social media (which is not hard these days) gets easy access to any information. So you think like this, what if your business is having a good name and you wish to spread it globally? Dont you  think this is the excellent idea for sharing your business across the world?How ?

Because the Social Media has the right kind of tools to share everything related to your business for example, your website, logo, product details, customer feed backs on your product. Let us check what happens with your business when you tie up with the social media. In between we also discuss some terms that you should know.

While social media promotes brands, it is in turn an income source for any individual. Let us find out how it is.

Affiliate Marketing in Amjobz

Who is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is the one who officially attaches or connects (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization.

What  an Affiliate does?

An affiliate refers another person to buy a certain product and in turn receives a payment for that referral.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This might be a new term to you. But don’t worry. Let me make it familiar to you.

Affiliate Marketing is the oldest way of marketing where one person refer an online product to another and the first person receives a commission for that.Online Money Making With Amjobz Earning Strategy Can you imagine what does affiliate does for your company product? Their task is to simply make use of the Share button on various social media platforms. So in turn what happens is, your company banner  is shared all over those specific social media platforms. So whoever person sees this banner from anywhere in this world will see your banner and thus it gets into their memory for the time being. Now imagine such a thing happens numerous times a day, a week, a year and this is what Amjobz aims for. To promote your product worldwide within seconds of time with maximum coverage. Now you just tell me some way of advertisement better than this.

Now it is obvious that there arise a question in your mind. What is the guarantee that these affiliates will do the sharing?  Here is the answer. Affiliates are paid for this sharing. How come you can think they cannot share this? They are paid for each click they get on all the shared banners.Who wont do the sharing  if they are paid? This is an income source for them. Therefore they will never waste time  by just being on internet. Affiliate Marketing has a bright future in a country like India where online businesses are booming.

 Affiliate Marketing In Amjobz (Its Benefits!)

  •  a constant, lazy and excellent source of residual income for affiliates.
  •  combination of word of mouth & electronic word of mouth.
  •  completely legal and does not possess any complications.
  •  affiliates are benefited with yearly bonus as well as social media bonus.
  •  faster and effective(cheaper too) way of advertising.
  •  no hidden charges or spams aimed at affiliates.
  •  businesses can verify the reports of the clicks they have received.
  •  no need for any qualification, experience or any technical knowledge to start any of the online    jobs mentioned in our website.

Freelance Marketing with Amjobz

Freelancing with us simply means giving your expertise to us. It is the best opportunity an individual can have.

What would be your opinion if you are able to help Amjobz enlist products and companies from different places around the world? You would say “Yes” because it earns you some good amount of bucks in your hand.

We here at Amjobz need maximum number of companies and enlisting. Who can bring these companies? Obviously You.Online Money Making With Amjobz Earning Strategy

By introducing Amjobz to your network and contacts, you invite the known companies in your network to enlist on our website. And if they approve to join hands with us, you are rewarded with your earnings.

Also, the company listing and promotions comes in packages. The lowest package the businesses can have is 3000 INR (which is quite inexpensive). This package comes with options to promote the company banner to directly share with the help of social media platforms.

Now what is the benefit of You as an individual doing the task of finding out companies and business owners to be enlisted on Amjobz Website? You can have a share of the particular package. To be specific 25% commission is given to you from the enlisting of the company you brought. Isn’t it a wonderful idea of just enjoining companies and get commissions for it?

Wherever you are now, you can utilize this special opportunity provided by Amjobz to fill up your pockets.

Also if you need to know more about this wonderful opportunity, kindly check out our website or feel free to contact us directly.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Earning Via Amjobz

PPC or Pay Per Click is a kind of internet marketing in which  some advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked in the internet. Mainly, it’s a way of purchasing visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically or by normal searches.

It is truly an amazing opportunity for those who want to work from home and get income for each unique click they make. Another comforting part is that anyone can do this if he is possessing uninterrupted internet supply and a minimum knowledge of the social media platforms available. And all you need is this  for Online Money Making with Amjobz.
Online Money Making With Amjobz Earning Strategy

Pay Per Click allows you to earn a decent amount of dollars by sitting in home. This amount is transferred to your account whenever you want.

If you find it an impressive way of earning from home, you can just read more about this opportunity here

Amjobz Social Media Bonus Income

This is one of the most noteworthy and exciting part of Amjobz Earning Scheme.

Online Money Making With Amjobz Earning Strategy Through Amjobz Earning Strategy, in the case of social media promotion, one who is developing his/her face book friends addresses as to the maximum  i.e, 5000 friends will get an yearly (January – December) bonus @ 5% of the total enlisting turnover of the company which will be divided to all achievers equally. All you have to do is send maximum friend requests and accept maximum requests. This sounds nothing less than amazing!!!

Yearly Bonus

If any of the Amjobz Affiliates gets 2500 unique click (1 Unit), on promotional pages of Amjobzglobal Directory enlisted companies through Social Media Sharing, those affiliates are eligible for yearly bonus @ 5% of the total yearly turnover of companies promotional income accumulated on a pool, which will be equally divided and distributed to them.

In conclusion, Amjobz serves you with wonderful opportunities to earn a good income online. Bid goodbye to all those spam and false offers of online money making. Get ready to earn and grow along with Amjobz.

Haven’t you checked this yet?  Make us busy with your queries. We are free to help you.

Also drop in a chat on our Online Support or just login to our website for more information.


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