Job seeking tactics : No longer a mystery

What does job seeking means?

Job seeking tactics : No longer a mystery Job seeking is an act of looking for employment, due to unemployment, underemployment, discontent with a present position, or a desiring for a better position. The immediate goal of job seeking is usually to obtain a job interview with an employer which will lead to getting hired. The job  seeker typically first looks for job vacancies or job opportunities. The job vacancies can be either searched through newspaper , job e-portals , job consultancies etc…But in today’s world each and everything is done through internet. Similarly a lot of job e-portals have been developed and developing too where you could enter your bio data and send it to concerned companies using the e-portal.

As seen above, the concerned e-portal have to be paid in search of a job. But always remember never pay for a job. If you are in search of a job where you don’t need to pay money then catch up with AMJOBZ.

AMJOBZ provides you job portal along with other services where a job seeker need not pay a single penny.

Choose your career through AMJOBZ

AMJOBZ is an e-marketing venture where job seeking  is also carried out along with online marketing. AMJOBZ is different from all other job e-portals because job seekers need not pay money for their registration in their portal. The job seeking technique used here is very much supportive for both the parties(job seekers and offerers). Lets see how its supportive for both the parties. Similar to all e-portals all job seeking candidates should register with their name, email id, qualification ,skills, preferred jobs etc..

How to get registered?

To register go to the website and click on the ” Jobs ” button. Once you are directed click on “ Jobseeker Sign In” button where you can register by clicking “Click Here To Register” button. Once you get registered with all the details, your profile will be created. To access it later Username and Password should be used which was created by you during registration. The job seeking candidate can register using the above sequence.For a company to get registered, to find the required candidates similarly click on “Jobs” button and once directed click on  “ Employer Sign In ” button , where you can get registered.

Job seeking tactics : No longer a mystery

After getting registered  both the parties can view their required candidates or  companies job profile in each of their profile. For example, a candidate who is applying for Web Designer job profile can see all Web designer vacancies in different company directly in his profile . In case of a Company, if they require a Marketing Manager all the candidates who have applied for  it can be seen in their profile. This option is very easy for both job seeker and offerer to reach their required outcome.

AMJOBZ provides these options for both companies and candidates. Here you don’t need to search each time for a job. During the registration when you specify the required job role the profile gets automatically updated. Similarly in the case of companies too.

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AMJOBZ assures effective CAREER

AMJOBZ  assures effective Career, Why?

Job seeking tactics : No longer a mystery

Everyday some or the other is looking for a job. Whether that person is a recent graduate, a person quitted from work, or a person who wants a different job, their diligent search turns into a carefull planned search for employment. It is important that a person should know how to search effectively for a job. The word “effective ” here means a  long term, satisfied ,interesting etc…Your career can be effective when you have pleasant mind towards it. AMJOBZ offer pleasant options to find your jobs.

As we have seen about the process of registration , you have different options in it.You get to upload resume along with it a video profile, mark it “video profile”. It is similar to an online interview where the companies get to know better about you. Face to face representation is more effective then uploading a CV or resume. Companies will mostly look into your video profile instead of a CV. Job seeking has become more easy and comfortable through AMJOBZ.

Advantages of using AMJOBZ

AMJOBZ offer you certain advantages. They are:

  • 24*7 access

AMJOBZ provide you service each day , each hour,each minute and each seconds.

  • No penny for a job

AMJOBZ offer you job without a single penny. Yes, don’t pay money for a job. You can get registered without money for both the company and candidates.

  • Direct access between both parties

As you have seen above paragraphs AMJOBZ provide a direct access between the company and candidates. So you don’t need waste your time on searching. Once the job role is entered the updated information is available on your profile.

  • Video CV

This is yet another advantage that AMJOBZ offer you where you can upload your video CV. Video CV’s are more welcoming among the companies compared to normal resumes. This access is similar to face to face talk.

The above seen advantages are some, that are provided only by AMJOBZ for the job seeking candidates.

To conclude…

There are lot of job seeking candidates around the world. Some people are not aware about the job portal provided. Some still find job by paying money through consultancies or e-portals. AMJOBZ offer you a different platform where all job seekers have wide range of opportunities. Opportunities are provided for companies too, to select the right candidate.

People are not always satisfied with their work sometimes because it may not be their field. They cannot actually find how to start their career. For example, an electronics engineer working in IT company is not a use to him. He should choose a career of his area of interest. Working in an area that doesn’t suit him can create a lot of stress in that person. Most people are not aware about the vacancies.

Promote AMJOBZ because they can create a difference in people’s mind. Let’s create a new change among the young and old . AMJOBZ works for you from dusk till dawn.Choose your career effectively through AMJOBZ. Bring changes!

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    The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand,
    as in what direction we are moving.

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      Amjobz can help you…Check our website…Thanks for your comment


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