Is Google Photoscan The Most Trending Thing Now?

Everyone loves their childhood days. We try to keep them as a safe memory through our printed photographs. When I mentioned printed photograph some memory would have passed through your heads. Isn’t it? But most of our printed photographs are getting damaged as years passes by. What if a solution has been found for this problem. And the solution is simply called Photoscan ,a Google app.

Is Google Photoscan The Most Trending Thing Now?

Google Photoscan is new app by Google Photos to scan and save your printed photographs using your mobile phone camera. This app is available and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Google Photoscan is similar to turning your printed photographs into digital copies. The converted photos can be saved in your Google Drive or Google Photos. Hence, you can access these photos from any device from anywhere.

You might be thinking it is just an app. But think of a situation, when you wanted to use your childhood picture as your profile picture. What did you do? You took your phone camera and clicked a shot by placing your childhood photo beneath. Were you satisfied? I don’t think so. Because it was not that clear and lacked the effect.But Photoscan is going to give a replica of your printed photographs.

Lets have a discussion about it.

Google Photoscan for Android

Is Google Photoscan The Most Trending Thing Now?

Photoscan just don’t take a photo of a printed photo. Instead it creates an upgraded digital scan with instinct edge detection, smart rotation and position correction.

How does it work?

Google Photoscan is similar to a camera but the difference comes only in the additional scanning. The app is available for both Android and iOS as well. The app will digitize the printed photos in seconds. It is very simple to use. Open the photoscan and click on “snapshot” button to digitize any of your printed photo. After which four dots appears on your phone in a square region which is to get the accurate edges of your photo. Move your phone along the dots one by one for scanning. On reaching each dot wait for the scanning of the dot to complete. In conclusion, your printed photo is digitized and can be saved in Google Drive or Google Photos.

The app offers certain benefits. Want to know?

  • The application crops the photo itself to the required dimensions.
  • Automatically rotates to the specific position.
  • The four dots we discussed above helps to detect edges correctly.
  • On scanning it is glare free.
  • The photos can be automatically saved to your drive or gallery.
  • Eliminates reflection.

Google Photoscan is useful or not?

Google Photoscan is an app that can be put on your phone, but it is going to be useful for the ones whose printed photos are locked up in a shelf to avoid damage. Google’s latest app is going to be a good news for the ones who are tired of bunching up their printed photos. And probably it is also going to be a bad news for digital scanners and shelfs.

Additional Features

Google Photoscan provide additional feature like the digitized photo can be edited in the edit tool. You just have to tap on the digitized photo and can see options to edit the photo like cropping, light effects, adjusting colour and so on. After when your digitized photo is ready you can save online in your drive or gallery.

What is new in Google Photos?

Is Google Photoscan The Most Trending Thing Now?

Google Photos are coming up with new tools for editing which is actually amazing. Because there are new and enhanced filters, more worldly editing tools and improved auto enhance feature. Face selfies might get one treatment; landscape pictures will get another. You can also make delicate adjustments to your photos using option in the edit tool like light, colour, pop etc…

Time to end up….

Google Photoscan is going to be a high rated application because each and everyone might be needing its use. Even I need it because lots of printed photos are locked up in my shelf to avoid damage.

Some might think it is just a camera. For those people, I would like to say, Yes it is a camera and why don’t you try your camera in a different way dude. Apart from camera it has come up with more fascinating edit tools which is actually new to our sight. Hence give a try and get experienced from it.

You can download the application from Google Play Store. Hurry up because the site is already jammed by downloading it.

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Install Google Photoscan!


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    November 24, 2016

    This app is cool…People surely you shud give a try

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    November 24, 2016

    I loved this app…good blog


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