Flexible Phones – A total Cover Up

Flexible Phones-Dead or Alive?

I don’t need to ask you what are flexible phones. Because quite a lot of you know What is a phone? So when a flexible word comes along with it you will have a certain picture on your mind about it. Exactly, that picture in your mind is Flexible phone. Have a look onto the picture. Aren’t they similar to the one in your head.

Flexible Phones - A total Cover Up

But you guys will have a confusion how can a phone be so flexible. Its quite natural to think so. Even i was in a confusion too.

But guys today its possible in this technological world where you can sit in a place to know all the activities around.

Let me give a brief idea about Flexible phones….

Flexible phones means smart phones with flexible display technology. In the coming years it is going to rule the smart world. Not only  phones , flexible TV, tablets are also developed and developing soon. With the coming of flexible display use of smart phones would be more easy. How can it be easy? Ever thought? Now think about it..

It can be easy in such a way that just like packing your food in rolls, your mobile can be rolled on in yours hands or folded. Never thought it would be this easy right?

I am here to share about flexible phones. Be ready with me to roll on.

Arising Flexible Phones

1. Lenovo Bendable Display Phone and Tablet

Lenovo is going to come up with two amazing products, to be frank, it is awesome. A fold-able tablet phone and a bendable wrist phone.

Flexible Phones - A total Cover Up Flexible Phones - A total Cover Up

The first one is a bendable wrist phone and second one is fold-able tablet phone in the above pictures.


Flexible Phones - A total Cover Up

Bendable wrist phone is a smart phone with freaking bends and folds possible. The phone contains certain  level of hinges that allow the bracelet to roll over. You might also see the gaps along the phone where there are no hinges and that’s where the non-bendable electronic items live. So, it is not a fully flexible smart phone. But, the impressive thing about the bendable wrist phone is, it is not much heavier or thicker than the typical smart phone.


Flexible Phones - A total Cover Up

The second approach is about the fold-able tablet-phone design. The idea behind fold-able phone is that you have something you can hold or use or put in your pocket and take calls similar to a normal phone – by folding it in half. When, unfolded it’s an eight-inch tablet. The cover for the display is a plastic, which is certainly highly flexible. It actually looks like a screen which has  loosely-fitting protective cover above it, since the plastic should  be able to stretch when the device is folded up. So, I am pretty sure it has a great look and kind of weird to touch.

When the tablet is folded it looks like a normal phone more accurately like a thick smart phone.

I am sure everyone is waiting for the release of these products. Lets hope for the best and release soon.

2. Samsung Flexible Phone

Flexible Phones - A total Cover Up

The most innovative and amazing phone to come from Samsung in the coming years would be Samsung’s Flexible Phone. The company will have bendy, flexible screens ready for release in early 2017. But its not just a single phone, its double this time. First one is a folding type and the second one is roll-out screen which takes display inches from 5 to 8. Both the phones are expected to use Samsung’s flexible OLED screen technology.

Both the smartphones are code-named as “Project Valley”. They are at the initial stage of development, so there are chances of release in early 2017. Also,  the device is said to support multiple gestures which will allow users to switch between its two displays. Oddly enough the reports indicate that North America won’t be able to see the release of Project Valley in January and it will release in other regions along with Germany, France, the UK, Italy and South Korea.

Lets wait for the device which is going to create a new dimension and scope.

3. LG Flexible Phones

Flexible Phones - A total Cover Up

LG has come up with new line of constructing another generation of smart phones with flexible, bendable and fold-able display screens. Fold-able display screens are not new to them because they have come up with rolling OLED display TV. They are turning out to be progressively prominent, since all other phone makers are far back, the investment is indicating that LG is wishing to be better leader in flexible technology.

However we are still confused yet whether the release of the phone will be soon or not. But it looks like LG is really working hard to launch it at the earliest or sometimes it might get extended.

Since Lenovo and Samsung are releasing at the early 2017, lets hope that LG wouldn’t be far back.

4. Apple patent reveals foldable iPhone with flexible OLED display

Apple’s iPhone 8 may be a flip phone because apple won patent for foldable phone with OLED display.

The patent document proposed a flexible nitinol, a nickel and titanium alloy for the handset’s aided structure on one of several variations listed in the patent.

One version of the design leaves the screen unseen when the phone is folded in two, alike to clam-shell phones of the past. Another, leaves the screen visible, but reduced to half its size. Lets hopefully wait for this too.

Flexible Future…

Each day man tries to find only new things. If he is not satisfied with old things, he starts to invent new methodologies to imprint in old things. It began with simple phones, then smart phones and now its time to wait for flexible phones. Flexible Phone is the must awaited era in smart phones because this product will prove that nothing can beat technological living. In the future, you could see all people rolling their phones in the pocket, showing, no sign of it.

I am sure everyone is waiting for the product to launch. It is going to create a difference in our tech world once released. The future of Flexible or bendable Phones is not much far. Once the market of these phones have started it is never going to stop similar to a smart phone.

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  • Vinay Krishna

    November 16, 2016

    Flexible phones is going to be awesome…
    I m actually waiting for its release

    • abisharon

      November 16, 2016

      you are right…everyone is waiting for it

  • Vinay Krishna

    November 18, 2016


    • Amjobz Sharon

      November 18, 2016

      Samsung will be available by early 2017 and about the other products release date is not out yet.
      Keep checking our blogs for updated information.

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