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You know what, its never easy to get paid. You, me and anyone who is educated with good grades are always in the search of a well paid supporting job. But let me ask you, is it that easy to land in a good career  these days? With vivid kinds of industries taking birth like mushrooms , unemployment is still at its peak.When I graduated I faced this issue too. I know this would be the case of each and every degree holder round the globe. Have you ever thought about the underlying challenge in this situation?

If not ,you have to think it now. Because one day you are going to be in that track for a race or are currently going through this phase. We come across a lot of advertisements for job seekers. There are thousands of companies forwarding out the openings in their companies. We also cant  avoid the fact that unemployment causes financial and emotional stress.  It is the time we ponder over the problems or challenges faced by every job hunter on employment arena. Being jobless is something hard to explain.We face pressure from our society as well as our family.We are constantly pinpointed as jobless by a set of people either on face or to some other people. We find it hefty to survive to the expectations of this society.

job-hunting-cr-370x215What can we do to reduce the burden of  locating your job? How can we help the job seekers like us through out the world to reach their career destinations ? Is there any simple way we can unite the employer and the job hunters? Is there any way a company can do the recruitment process without heavy schedules? Does any simpler form of recruiting exists? Do you find it harder each day to keep updated with the ongoing employer news? Are employers satisfied with the recruitment process?

Amjobz Job Seeker is the salvage.

Amjobz Job Seeker for launching your career

This section provides you with the digital directory of companies with the information regarding the vacancies they do have and related information on that vacancy. The job seeker can use this information to decide whether he is suitable with that job or to proceed to the next company. Following is the list of Amjobz Job Seeker facilities which will be beneficial to a candidate.

Free Registration


Amjobz gives you full and full free registration to the candidates to enable affordable job seeking in your hands. All you need to do is just give in your details and register your membership to the portal. Just give in the name and your personal details so that you have an identity. You can also just search the jobs available even before registering.But why not register as its free!!

Your membership, your gateway to opportunities

You can give your preferred jobs as well as your skill or expertise you own at the time of registration. Update your resume and upload it. One of the prime benefit of this registration is that you can give a video profile which will give you more remarks from a company’s view. Once you have approved the terms & conditions  then its time to go.

Well tailored Profile section

You will have a My Profile section where you can view all your details and thus you can check the updates you need to give to your name. This will help you in time to time analysis of what your description tells about you. Because this will be what the companies will view about you.

Get searching your suitable job

There is dedicated search for you on the basis of your salary expectations and the experience you have got in that particular opening or related. And do you know you have got an opportunity for choosing from part time or full time job opportunities, contract or temporary jobs and all.

Well arranged memo of your applications 

If you have got a personal memo of the all jobs you have applied along with the date of posting and its current status,then it will be easy and organized. Right?  So Amjobz  does have this facility too. This also comes with a total number of applicants that have applied for that particular job.

In short, every details regarding your job search is well managed in the Job Seeker directory offering you a hassle free file.

If you feel this is awesome, then post your resume on Amjobz Job Seeker.

Amjobz  Job Seeker finds you right candidates

finding the right employees can sometimes be a tedious task. But let us find out how Amjobz Job Seeker can reduce it. We can now discuss about the employer benefits by our Job Seeker segment.

Your company promotion on the very first page of registration


Does that sounds funny? No its not funny. You can actually give your website and your logo on the first page of registration. This would make candidates really easier to find you and apply for the vacancies that you need employees for.

Your promotion done here easier

You are getting a promo page in our portal to spread out your words to the world. About your product,about your company, about your vision, but most of all about the type of candidates you are seeking. You also have the comfort of editing this page as per your wish.

Products And Services

This plays a key role in listing out the company’s products and services with which you are going to build up customer base and have true knowledge of customer insights. A good content in this section will fetch you good employees who have real interest in your company profile.

Enquiries & Requests

The reserved space for the special enquiries you have got regarding your company jobs or maybe your products or services too. You may also get some enquiries in this part of the directory. This section benefits you with the communication between you and the employees / candidates who have interest in your company jobs.

Fully online recruitment process

Yes, whether it be long or short,you can carry out your company’s interview process easily and effortlessly online including the hr interview. Hey, why do not you jazz up your interview process by conducting everything online? It would be have tremendous impact on your company’s interview part. You can do this process via a video interview and decide the candidates skills and abilities.

All these are the best part of Amjobz Jobs Seeker segment…. I am pretty sure that you are  now more than informed and satisfied with our unique and salient features. For a job seeker, we help you find the best career suiting you without all the worries and stress of finding a matching post from a whole world of opportunities anywhere from the globe. For a company we effortlessly land you on an efficient and smart individuals to employ with you.

Last but not least , we also promise to take a step forward in a world of unemployed people helping them to be a part of a global employee group.

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  • SCK

    November 10, 2016

    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
    – Eleanor Roosevelt

    Yes, if you would like to work for your bright future, it’s merely depends on the intensity of your dreams and your hard work to make it happens, no matter what

    • Amjobz Zainab

      November 15, 2016

      you are right with that quote…thank you

    • Amjobz Zainab

      November 20, 2016

      You are right Sir

  • Arun VP

    November 15, 2016

    Choose “A JOB YOU LOVE” and you will never have to work a day in your life..

    • Amjobz Zainab

      November 15, 2016

      you said it..thank you…


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