The Basics of jobseeker That You Can Benefit From Starting Today


Unemployment is a problem that India faces from late 50’s. Many Indian parents started providing their children with the best education available. Therefore they become efficient professionals. Many companies hire these efficient professionals and provide them with high salaries. By seeing these professionals  other  students study those courses and become professionals . But most of the companies vacancies has got filled by the efficient and others become unemployed . There arises a jobseeker.

The main challenge faced by a jobseeker is that he doesn’t know where he have opportunities. There are hardly a few medium connecting the jobseekers with the companies looking for job. Here we amjobz  helps the jobseekers to signup into our website and search for the jobs they need or they could submit a cv or a video cv to our website. Various companies could see this and the jobseeker who they requires would be selected and employed. And if a company wants to get an employee they could also signup in our account and provide the details of the vacancy. Thus suitable jobseekers could apply. There are many challenges faced by the jobseekers.

Challenges faced by the jobseekers

  • lack of goals
  • lack of self confidence
  • non-willing to take risks
  • wrong judgements

Lack of goals

Many of the jobseekers doesn’t have a definite goal. They will only aim at a job and a high salary. When there is a goal  we will put our maximum into it.

Lack of self confidence

Many of the jobseekers when rejected from any of the firms loss self confidence . And this may lead them to fail in interviews in future too.

Non-willing to take risks

Many of the job seekers are not willing to take risks to attain jobs.

Over expectations

Even the jobseekers doesn’t have any experiences in work they are not ready to work even for an experience. They stick to their aims of getting high salary . Expectations are good when we have earned experiences.

Wrong judgements

The jobseekers make wrong judgements on their own abilities . if they had to face a failure then their whole confidence would be lost . They would consider themselves as inferior.


If a jobseeker overcomes all these challenges he could get a well reputed job. A jobseeker must be conscious about his calibers, strengths, and abilities.  To know about the jobseeker completely from the cv itself video cv’s are prepared. Amjobz provide an option for the jobseekers to upload a video cv.  Amjobz is providing the jobseeker with a wide range of opportunities.


There are many more challenges faced by the job  seekers the main among them are :

  • The pressure from family
  • Loss of self respect
  • Couldn’t find better opportunities
  • Couldn’t know which is the best job for him
  • Can’t realise his own abilities and caliber

These are all the problems arises when a man go jobless. The family, the community and the whole society blames him for that and he’ll be pressurized to find a job. Due to this the jobseeker is forced to go to any available jobs without  considering even the salary or the job method. Therefore when such a situation arises most of the jobseekers search in internet to find a job. Most of the job providing sites ask for a payment but Amjobz provide this freely without any fee.  Amjobz helps the jobseeker to find jobs of his preference anywhere in the world. In Amjobz site many companies visit the jobseekers profile and cv’s provided. A jobseeker registered via Amjobz receives a good job and a good pay. Hence Amjobz helps  a jobseeker to find a satisfying job through the new technologies available.

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