An Awesome Features In Amjobz In My View

What is Amjobz?

AmjobzAmjobz is a global online portal, which is a unique, professional, space age, one-stop, e-marketing venture. This portal can provide promotions and ads worldwide for your company via social media. It will provide clear statistics of the number of viewers of your advertisements through social media promotion. For doing this, Amjobz has a team of numerous affiliates world wide working round the clock.

‘Amjobz’ is an e-Portal where in Customers, Affiliates, Part/Full time Job seekers, Employees, Small Business Person/self Employed/Specialist, Big Business Owners and Investors shall be benefited through our various areas of opportunities worldwide.

By enlisting your company in Amjobz e-Portal, your company will be popularized locally and internationally to the customers who all are searching the information online about any products or services

Facilities of Amjobz

  • Through the social media via Amjobz will help you can to share your products and services to the world market at low cost.
  • Anyone from anywhere the world can join Amjobz and can get enlisted on global online directory.
  • It is a Global company, so any support from anywhere is available by online From Amjobz

How we can work at home?

Would you like to make extra money without leaving your home?  Amjobz is looking for you. This is an amazing opportunity for those who want to work from home and get income for each unique click they made.

Pay Per Click

To get this income, you just need to become an affiliate through “Social Media Signup and need to promote the banners which appears in “Promotion=> Banners & Links” area in Affiliate’s dash board. Click on each banner, and your account will be updated with USD 0.05 (INR 3.33 Approx.) for each unique click. That means, one clicks per day per banner will be approved.

Social Impact of the Internet & Social networking and entertainment

Web-based social networking services make it possible to connect people who share interests and activities across political, economic, and geographic borders.

Through e-mail and instant messaging, online communities are created where a gift economy and reciprocal altruism are encouraged through cooperation.

Main Facts

Amjobz will provide you a promotion page in which you can showcase your company profile, images of your products and services with company contact details and is fully customisable at anytime.

AMJOBZ gives us a good platform to perform ourselves in front of the world. It’s very helpful to develop our creativity and mental ability and consequently we can start our bright career.

We can’t explain AMJOBZ as a word. Because, AMJOBZ is a new profile and they welcome all of us to begin a new career with them.

  • If we are searching a polished job!
  • If we have a good personality!
  • If we have competent mind!
  • If we are a good communicator!
  • If we can face any situation smoothly!
  • And if we have pleasant mind!

If our answer is ‘ YES’, definitely we can be the SHINY STARS IN THE WORLD WITH SOUND FINANCIAL SECURITY. But it’s depends upon our attitude.

That’s why we can present in front of you, AMJOBZ is not the NO.1 in the world, but it’s very unique in the World…

Author Name : Thasni Shaji


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