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social_media_amjobzSocial media is the future of communication. Nowadays we have so many social media networks on our fingertips that can share information all over the world within seconds. Worldwide, there are over 1.59 billion monthly active Facebook users which has 14% increase in every year. Twitter has 320 million monthly active users and 6000 tweets are sent every second. LinkedIn has 400 million users with two new members signing up every second.

Google+ has over 300 million monthly active user and is used by 17% of B2B marketers in new product launches.3% of total global e-commerce social sharing and 3% of total consumer brand social sharing occurs on Google+.Besides 70% of brands have a presence on Google+.

The whole marketing landscape has changed…

The whole marketing landscape has changed with the introduction of social media via Amjobz. In this competitive world social media marketing have huge benefits in attracting new customers at anytime anywhere. Today most of the internet users follow their favorite products and services through social media. It can expose a company to so many people all over the world. Many people nowadays use social media to connect with brands since it allows customers to post their feedback about the products and services. With the right use of social media one can increase the sales, popularize their brands, and create better connections with their customers.

Amjobz global online portal is a unique, professional, space-age, one-stop, e-marketing venture. Amjobz with the motto of “come grow with us” can open new avenues for marketers to compete in this tech savvy world. This portal can provide promotions and ads for your company worldwide. By enlisting your company in Amjobz your products and services can be popularized locally and globally and this information’s will be available for customers anywhere in the world who search online. There for your traditional shop can be  changed into an online shop. Amjobz have an army of affiliates who will promote your products and services through social media networks.


Amjobz will provide you a promotion page in which you can showcase your company profile, images of your products and services with company contact details and is fully customizable at anytime. It also has provision for customer inquiries. Moreover this portal will provide a unique dashboard for your company  which shows the reports for number of social media users to whom which your company promotions and ads are reached. Amjobz will provide clear statistics on the number of clicks number of leads and number of viewers for your ad through social media marketing.

Through this dashboard you can, edit promotion pages, and reply to customers queries. Through the social media viral marketing via Amjobz you can raise your products and services to the world market at affordable cost. Anyone from anywhere the world can join Amjobz and can get enlisted on global online directory. Amjobz guarantee the world wide reach-ability of your firm through the various social media networks.

To be live and relevant in a market your company have to be competitive. If you don’t use social media for marketing ,of course you are behind the tech-savvy. If you realized the importance Amjobz will be the right platform for you. Come and grow with Amjobz.

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