What is Business promotion?

Business promotion is an integral part of any business’s success, as it is through promotion that a business expands its customer/client base and opens new windows of opportunity. There are many ways to promote a business, and each varies in regards to time, labour and costs.

INTERNET, the strongest medium of communication with tremendous abilities can easily make even a small entrepreneur known to the world overnight.  How is it possible?  The answer is Amjobz, who provides the right platform to him to speak out.  A battalion of countless Amjobz Affiliates will make it viral all around the world through social media within hours.

Jewelleries, Textiles, Hospitals, Hospitality businesses, Wholesalers and the like businesses spend millions and millions for their business promotion.  But the impact is negligible comparing to the huge amount of money they spent for it.

Amjobz promotes the business LOGO which is the tool for brand recognition. Widespread brand recognition is every entrepreneur’s goal, as it will give them business credibility and inspire others to spread the word about their business.

Amjobz promotes the business name.  Apart from storefront signs, billboards, marquee boards or street-side yard signs, a website banner will create big impact and will make the name familiar to more customers.

Now-a-days, people use to collect e-mail addresses of individuals for Direct Mailing their brochures and other promotional materials.  These mails usually will go to the “Promotional Mail Box” of the email service provider, which 99% people ignore to open.  But Amjobz affiliates around the world share all the promotional materials with millions, through Social Media which will appear in the time-line of the individual, which cannot be ignored.

Thus, I would say, Amjobz is presenting a unique method of business promotion which helps business ventures to be popular more effectively than by the traditional methods of business promotion, by spending negligible amount of money and providing employment to numerous job hunters.

Great concept Amjobz, really great.

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