4 Smartest Of Smartphones To Look Forward To In 2017

How about some “techtalk” today? I am going to start telling tales on some cool smartphones of 2017 that are yet to come in front of your eyes but very soon by next year.

With this year coming to an end within a countable number of days, the tech world is far zooming over the horizon for the fresh new technology that are going to revolutionize the world in the coming year.

So I just planned to ponder over these updates. I found some awesome amazing smartphones. Among them are the next versions of some existing phones and all new to world other two phones.I asked myself, why don’t I share them with you.

We know world is running after the updated versions of the smartphones in the market. It goes on. But here, let us take a time space of the upcoming year. At least for the time being lets have a quick study on the four smartphones of 2017 that i am going to talk on.

Let us gather these findings from the internet and have a study. I assure you they are quite smartest of the smartphones present here.First two phones may be unfamiliar to you. But do not worry, I am going to make them familiar to you.So shall we start?


4 Smartest Of Smartphones To Look Forward To In 2017No no no…its not what you are thinking. Its not a chemical element or a box or an apparatus (seriously all these would be my thoughts hearing this name). It is actually an amazing smartphone which is more than a smartphone. The creators call it as “the no compromise Smartphone pc” ! Really?..Is there something like that? Just imagine it as a little handy pc. Would you not like it?

Following will be a helpful list of its features

  • OS designed to work both as a PC as well as a smartphone.
  • Symetium will come with a single SD card slot enabling increasing storage capacity with an additional 128 GB.
  • It can connect multiple screens at once in order to stream UI (User Interface) environments to a screen.
  • Considered to be a one device for everything kinda smartphone because of the following features.
    1. Up to 256 GB of Storage + SD card slot for 128 GB
    2. 6 GB Ram
    3. USB Type C
    4. Stereo Speakers
    5. Snapdragon 820
    6. 1080 P 5.0 inch O LED screen
    7. Android 6.0 Marshmallow
    8. IP 67 dust and waterproof certification
  • It also comes with a wireless screen adapter. And this allows a wireless docking.It is able to access the dock menu directly from an idle state just by swiping from the top or bottom to reveal the “dock” icon.
  • Also, Symetium comes with a docking station for being useful as a computer featuring a full desktop when docked or connected to an external monitor using the usb 3.0 type c connection.
  • It can also be a small computer with the keyboard/mouse case accessory which is a metal case accessory.
  • Symetium OS is not only a mobile operating system, by connecting the Symetium device via USB 3.0 type C port to an HDMI screen, we can also activate a mouse and keyboard friendly PC mode.

4 Smartest Of Smartphones To Look Forward To In 2017


4 Smartest Of Smartphones To Look Forward To In 2017

Okay… I am so excited to share this..Yes…The Comet…The first Buoyant Smartphone on planet earth. You could thrown them in water. Now you slowly understand why i told you i am going to discuss the smartest of smartphones…Right?

So, what Comet offers us is

  • 100% water resistance…one hundred percent guaranteed…that is what its birth is for.
  • Q lock facility that enables safe and secure mode of communication. It comes with Military Grade of 256 bit AES for encrypting voice communications.
  • Coolest feature is its mood recognition. They come with advanced bio metric sensors that detect your body temperature and displays your mood in different colors.
  • Comet also offers a 16 MP rear as well as front camera.
  • RAM would be 4GB.
  • Internal Memory comes in 32 GB/64 GB/128 GB.
  • Its OS is Android 5.0 Lollipop.

What else you need? Go and have a look from its website.

In conclusion i would like to ask you, isn’t it cool to have this smartie?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

Rumors say that this one from Samsung is worth waiting for. Let us check why is it so.4 Smartest Of Smartphones To Look Forward To In 2017We already know their Edge concept is already in the market. But now this one is the next level of the Edge thing.

The Galaxy S8 Edge will be the third curved release in the popular S model series. The most attractive and ever waited revolutionizing foldable concept is going to be incorporated to the Edge 8. I cant even imagine how amazing this would be.In addition, a foldable smartphone would integrate not one, but two displays with a bi-fold in the middle of each.We also hear the features like better security with an ultra-responsive eye scanner, 4 K display, true octa-core processor, and much more.Further more, other features would include a better version of Gorilla glass protection and also an improved charging technology.

iPhone 8

Well, Apple has unveiled the 7th edition of iPhone with awesome features and specs. Even though there is no any official news from the company’s part, for now we have to rely upon rumors and gossips from the back screen about iPhone 8

To our knowledge, rumors are bounded up on  iPhone 8 after the unpacking of  iPhone. It is pretty sure the anxious world will be having quite a lot of questions about the iPhone 8…We too can join the heated discussion board.

4 Smartest Of Smartphones To Look Forward To In 2017

  • It would mostly be called an “iPhone 8” with very appealing innovative features.Be ready to unpack iPhone 8 version. Rumors say Apple is not going to bring up an iPhone standard 7s version. Let us wait and see how things unfold.
  • iPhone 7 Plus with its dual-lens camera with a “portrait mode” capable of producing  excellent DSLR quality images. We hope its creators might embed these features into  standard version.
  • iPhone 8 release date is supposed to be by early 2018.
  • It may also have a 16 MP camera with ISOCELL sensors for better images in poor light.
  • Standard iPhone 8 version is also rumored to have a major redesign.


There are quite a lot of buzz going around all these smartphones lately. The thing, is just wait and see what all turns around the corner.

Coming year would be a transforming year in the digital world with all the hype over the flexible phones, bendable phones, water resistant phones, pc phones. Also, it is astonishing because the world is growing so fast and round the clock updates are required to know everything about it.

Feels great I shared all these with you.

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