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    Adma Global General Trading LLC, Dubai-UAE

    Adma Group was established in KSA in 2006 with the vision of evolving into a multi-brand company that always stays one step ahead of the rapidly changing, technologically progressive times, to provide sustained value for money to the discerning consumer. By combining our strengths of marketing, sales, customer service, warehousing and financial acumen, our expression of business interest has left its indelible mark  as demonstrated through millions of loyal, delighted customers and resultantly, several rewarding ventures. 

    ADMA Group's business ventures involve various fields such as retail, business solutions, real estate, contracting, tourism, car rentals, trading etc. Group is now operating in 10 countries including KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, India and China. With the introduction of "ALTIMA" brand, the group is expanding its operation into the field of Electronics & Home Appliances. 

    Altima offers a wide range of products under various segments including:

    We offers wide range of new generation Electronic Entertainment Systems

    Home Appliances
    Reinvent your Home with innovative Home Appliances from Altima.

    Kitchen Appliances
    Altima offers sophisticated and functional Kitchen Appliances.

    Personal Gadgets
    Innovative Personal gadgets and accessories from Altima

    Lighting Devices
    Welcome to our wide range of Lighting solutions

    Our untiring commitment for performance, cutting edge technology, innovative design and dependable service standards have resulted in providing our consumers with a range of products having unrivalled quality with highest value.

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    Adma Global General Trading LLC
    P.O.Box 127433, Dubai | UAE
    T: +971 4 2631767, F: +971 4 2204809
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